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  • If you have had a bicycle accident, Fundaro Recinos is a good choice as your Florida bicycle accident lawyers because they are trial lawyers who understand how to negotiate with insurance companies and take bike accident cases to trial.
  • Whether one enjoys a leisurely ride to the beach on a beach cruiser or one is a serious, avid cyclist, what each has in common is that, as a bicyclist, each must share the roadway with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles.  
  • Despite designed bike lanes, people are still injured and killed because drivers refuse to share the road with bicycles.  The same rules of the road apply to bicycles. 
  • If a bicyclist is traveling in the same direction as a car in the car driver's lane, the bicyclist is not required to stop so the driver can make a right turn in front of the bicyclist.  Failure to understand this single rule is at the root of many bicycle fatalities in Florida.  Motor vehicle operators are supposed to treat bicyclists just like they would another car, but there still is this impression of bikes as kids toys that belong on a playground.  To the contrary, bicycles are now a sophisticated form of transportation and fitness for many, particularly in Florida.  
  • If you or a loved one has had a bicycle crash, do not wait to hire a lawyer.  There are pictures, video, measurements and lots of investigation that needs to be done immediately.  Fundaro Recinos has done that in other cases with success. 

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