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Florida Car Accident Lawyers 
  • If you have had a car accident, you should choose Fundaro Recinos as your Florida car accident lawyers because we are trial lawyers who understand how to negotiate with insurance companies and take car accident cases to trial.
  • We will always work to get you maximum compensation, and we will attempt to get your case resolved either by settlement or trial quickly without compromising in getting you the maximum compensation.  

Any skilled car accident lawyer should understand two main considerations.  

  • The first is injuries.  You need to go the hospital immediately if you are hurt.  You can later experience symptoms, even if you had no pain at the scene of a crash.
  • Common injuries in crashes include injuries to the head, neck and back.  A good personal injury lawyer understands the medicine related to your injuries.  Without a grasp on the medical aspects of your case, your lawyer will not be able to effectively explain to an insurer or jury why your injuries are both painful and debilitating.  The ability to communicate your pain and disability give your case its value, and the trial lawyers who excel at it get the biggest settlements and verdicts.  
  • Fundaro Recinos knows how to communicate how your pain and disability has changed your life based on the medical reports and how you explain it, a factor that is never ignored by us.  It is an important reason to hire us.  
  • Liability is another consideration.  In a rear end accident, liability usually is not an issue.  But most of the time, there is a defense claimed by the other driver, making the hiring of an attorney important.   
  • In the common case where one driver says the other ran a red light, one person usually is not telling the truth.    Getting witness information, recorded statements and investigation which is overseen by a good lawyer wins these kinds of cases.  In one trial by Mr. Fundaro, he found a witness in the middle of trial who confirmed that his client had the green light.  That witness made the difference in the trial.  If you hire us, you can expect that same diligence and hard work, even during a trial, to put you in the best position to win.  
  • There are cases where one driver turns in front of the other one.  In that situation, the turning driver is usually at fault if the other driver was going straight.  Questions at a deposition or statement like:  "How much time elapsed between the time you first saw the turning car and impact?" require preparation by a competent lawyer.  In most instances, the answer should be "no time," because if there was time, there was time to avoid the collision, and that will hurt your case.    
  • If you hire us, we won't let your case sit idle like at some firms.  We won't wait while you treat for years unless the injury warrants it.  We will get your case settled or tried in the shortest amount of time and not compromise your right to full value.  

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