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  • If you have had a motorcycle accident, you should hire Fundaro Recinos as your Florida motorcycle accident lawyers because they are trial lawyers who understand how to negotiate with insurance companies and take motorcycle accident cases to trial.
  • Florida is considered a great area for motorcycle riders.  The open, wide roadways make riding a real pleasure for experienced riders.  Daytona Bike Week is one of the most famous and well attended annual motorcycle events in the United States.  
  • Many people are tragically killed in motorcycle crashes in Florida annually. Most of these tragedies were not the fault of the biker.  Fundaro Recinos has the skills and experience to prove that what happened was not your or your loved one's fault.   
  • Most Florida drivers do not understand the rules of the road related to motorcycles.  More significantly, they often do not want to share the roads with motorcycles, making the motorcycle riding experience fraught with peril because of the selfishness of many. 
  • You can't tailgate a motorcyclist, period.  If the motorcyclist loses control, tailgaters kill bikers, plain and simple.  On a highway, a driver cannot avoid a motorcyclist who goes down unless the driver gives that biker a sufficient stopping distance, a distance way more than the stopping distance needed for a car or truck.   
  • The calculation of stopping distance by experts comes from hiring experts immediately, coordinated by an  attorney who also goes out to such a tragic scene. Mr. Fundaro has gone to the scenes of crashes and has supervised such horrible but necessary investigations.  
  • If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, you should interview personal injury attorneys who have actually handled motorcycle crashes.  Many attorneys try to distinguish themselves by highlighting that they ride motorcycles themselves, with little experience in a courtroom. 
  • More important factors than having a motorcycle license include whether the attorney has supervised motorcycle crash investigations, or whether the lawyer is an experienced trial lawyer who uses accident reconstruction, other liability experts and physicians of complex specialties to present a motorcycle case to a jury.
  • If you or a loved one has had a motorcycle crash, do not wait to hire a lawyer.  An attorney needs to get to the scene as soon as possible. 

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