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  • With the beautiful weather, people walk on or near roadways throughout Florida.  Walking on or near a road is dangerous, and many are killed by careless drivers, elderly drivers and drunk drivers.  It is a daily tragedy throughout Florida.  
  • As Florida pedestrian accident lawyers, we have handled pedestrian injury cases, and we can help with yours.  Whether it is accident reconstruction, toxicology in a drunk driving case or the handling of other complex issues, we will deal with it properly.
  • Even if you or a loved one is at fault, it does not excuse the driver from being careful to watch for pedestrians.  It is very rare that a driver has no responsibility in a pedestrian crash.
  • If you or a loved one has has been struck by a car, truck, bicycle or other motor vehicle, do not wait to hire a lawyer.  There is investigation that is crucial that needs to be done right away.  Fundaro Recinos has done such investigations in other cases with success.

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