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  • If you have had a trip and fall accident, Fundaro Recinos can help as Florida trip and fall accident lawyers because we are trial lawyers who understand how to negotiate with insurance companies and take trip and fall accident cases to trial.
  • Trips and slips causing falls are often caused by dangerous conditions allowed to exist on property because the owner did not care enough to fix the problem.
  • When you go to the grocery store, department store or a mall, the owner has to take reasonable care not to allow dangerous conditions that he or she knew or should have known about it. 
  • Unless you can prove that the store knew about the dangerous condition,  you do not have a case.  Because of this knowledge requirement, premises liability cases, or trip and fall cases as they are commonly referred to, can be very difficult to prove without legal guidance right from the start.  
  • Proving that the owner knew or should have known can be proven through testimony that the owner in fact knew of that specific defect.  Knowledge can also be proven by presenting evidence that the condition was there long enough that the owner had enough time to do something about it. 
  • There are what is called transient conditions, like food, debris, or a clothes hangar on a department store floor.  There are other conditions that are more a part of the property like cracked sidewalks, or holes in a floor or walkway.  Either way, you need to prove knowledge or notice, and Mr. Fundaro has proven knowledge or notice in literally hundreds of cases.  
  • If you or a loved one has fallen on property, do not wait to hire a lawyer.  You need photos, videos and witness statements right away so that you can meet the notice requirement.  Call us.  We are ready to help now.