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  • If you have had a truck accident, Fundaro Recinos are Florida truck accident lawyers who understand how to negotiate with insurance companies and take car accident cases to trial.
  • Crashes on I-95, Florida's Turnpike, I-75 and Alligator Alley are just a few of the highways where trucks and tractor trailers are involved in horrendous crashes on a daily basis in Florida. 
  • Transporting goods to South Florida the length of Florida from Georgia, traveling into and through the Panhandle, orange trucks transporting product for juices and fresh fruit, and other trucks transporting goods make the crowded highways dangerous, even with highly experienced truckers behind the wheel.  
  • The law related to trucks and their operation could fill hundreds of web or other pages. Regulations related to truck equipment, maintenance, testing, record keeping, rules of the road, GPS tracking, speed and operation tracking, weight and load restrictions, driver safety, operation rules, tire safety, brakes systems, sleep requirements, interstate commerce rules, intrastate commerce rules and other truck related matters all must be understood by any lawyer willing to take a truck collision case.  Fundaro Recinos understands the rules and can identify what subjects must be mastered in terms of details quickly after taking a truck case.  
  • f you or a loved one has has been in an accident with a truck, do not wait to hire a lawyer.  There is investigation that must be done right away.  Fundaro Recinos has done such investigations in other cases with success.

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